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Faraday West Finance

FaradayWest Finance understands vehicle finance.

When you think about the best Car finance for you, FaradayWest Finance has the best car loans on offer. We beat most banks, car dealers and other finance brokers because we have access to the cheapest car loans available.

Most people would fit into the category of a consumer loan or another term used is a secured loan. It is quite simple; a loan between the lender and the purchaser with regular payments to finish the loan which is secured against the asset (vehicle). At the end of the desired car loan term, the vehicle is yours to deal with as you see fit. A consumer loan can be paid out at any time, or the vehicle can be sold by you at any time during the term.

Car Finance

With access to the best car loans in the market, you own the vehicle from the start of the agreement. The payment is made via EFT straight to the seller’s bank account, whether it is a dealership, private sale or a refinance of an existing loan. Your repayments occur at fixed payments and are usually direct debited from your bank account. You have the option of having the payments taken out weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

There are many advantages of using a secured loan:

  • You may finance 100% of the purchase price (and even more) can be financed.
  • Usually no deposit required
  • Regular structured repayments
  • Ownership in the vehicle passes to you from the start of the loan
  • You can also tailor the term to suit your needs.

Please contact one of our highly trained finance brokers at FaradayWest Finance on 1300 327 232 for an obligation free quote and get you into your car fast. Most cases, we offer same day approvals with minimum hassle. We would love to assist you to get you in the best car loan available today.